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As a Certified Inspector, I will ensure your house is ready to buy, or sell. Using standards set forth by the State of Wisconsin, I will ensure nothing takes you by suprise after buying your dream home. Learn more...

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We utilize state of the art inspection software to ensure your report is clear, consice, and accessible at any time. Learn more...

Radon Testing

Does your new or existing residence or business suffer from a natural Cancer causing gas?  Find out now, and protect your future health. Learn more...


Rob was fantastic. He took his time and did a very thorough job of going through everything in our new home inspection. He also answered many questions we had throughout the process and even shared extra tips on many things. We are very happy with the service he provided and would recommend him to anyone looking!

I’m so grateful for your amazing service of Pre-inspection before I listed my house. By doing this you provided me with a report detailing the issues the needed to be addressed before I listed my house (so there was no surprises). I highly would highly recommend your services to any potential seller or buyer. They’ll be impressed as I was with your knowledge base, professionalism and perfection to detail. Thank you for your service!



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